Charlotte, NC | 2020

our mission

Sealed 2020 is a stadium gathering and national movement partnering with the local church around: unity, prayer, worship, evangelism & discipleship. We believe that Jesus the Evangelist is gathering believers, for a great harvest of souls, for such a time as this. BUT! This will not happen without prayer and unified partnership with the church at large. Jesus declared, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”  (Matt. 28:19).

We are collaborating with Jesus the Evangelist as He is releasing His glory unto a great harvest of souls. How? By gathering the body of Christ across political and denominational lines in times of united prayer, worship, evangelism, and friendly discipleship. We want to see stadium gatherings that bring in a harvest of souls while inspiring the body of Christ to go forth and make disciples.

Our Story

In 1998, the Lord began to stir in the hearts of several East Coast college students to say “yes” to giving up their lives to pray for unity and revival in the body of Christ. We wanted to find what God was doing in our generation and jump in wholeheartedly.  Faithfully, we gathered together weekly to fast and pray, asking God to release His power, in the church, bringing forth a Jesus movement on the earth.

Tragically, on September 11, 2001, as the towers crashed to the ground, we knew that the times were changing, and we needed a powerful move of God upon our generation. Faithfully, each of us has continued to give our lives to prayer, evangelism, and discipleship over the last two decades. Miraculously, God has drawn us together for such a time as this to watch Him move powerfully on the East Coast.

Why Charlotte, NC?

Jesus, who we are affectionately calling “The Evangelist,” is diligently moving on the hearts of non-believers, and we feel the time is now to call His children home; it is time to bring them out of darkness and into the marvelous light. Literally, you can feel, “God is doing something,” and we want to be a part of it!

Jesus, the compassionate Son of God, laid down His life upon the cross that we might live. As our team began to pray about what was next, we all felt the Lord stirring our hearts, “Jesus wants a stadium gathering in Charlotte, NC.” We were given a vision for a three-day gathering in 2020 where the non-believer could get reached in stadium evangelism and the believer would be inspired to walk out their faith with boldness and authority. As we fasted and prayed, a remarkable thing happened. We began to meet other people with the same heart.

As we shared what we felt Jesus was inviting us into, we found that several other people had sensed the same thing. A worship leader in Charlotte stated that he had a dream where God filled the stadium with worship and prayer in 2020. Another young man dreamt of a 3-day event in the stadium of Charlotte that would heal a divided city by uniting the churches together. Still another couple moved to Charlotte with their 7 children knowing that God was going to do something great in the city. Especially important, a long-time leader in the city explained, “this event is an answer to our prayers in for this city.” Also, a lifelong resident of South Carolina just told us that God had been stirring her heart to say “yes” to filling the stadium in 2020. Lastly, (but not the end of the stories) a long-time ministry director stated that in 2015 he felt the Lord would fill Charlotte Stadium in 2020 with believers.

There are many others stories of people that have been inspired for what God is doing, and we are diligently gathering these, but we are learning from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for such a time as this.

Billy Graham Ministries has led the way in stadium evangelism for decades. As pioneers, they carry the heart of the Lord, and they want to see God revive the land. We are learning everything that we can from them. They are not an official partner, but we are asking for and gathering all the data, how to, and learnings we can from this amazing organization. We feel with their expertise, the remarkable unity in the heart of Charlotte, and the organizational structure we are building, that we will be able to answer Jesus’s call to “GO” forth and make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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